Juliana Hung is the Los Angeles based designer behind jujumade. Jujumade originated as a blog and creative escape for Juliana in earlier days as an industrial designer. "I wanted to document all the things that I found interesting, and things that I was making. Mainly it was a way for me to keep track of everything inspirational and creative. I was working full time as an industrial designer, and that required me to be very precise and technical. So after work when I was free from that, all I wanted to do was work with my hands and be completely outside of computers and machines! Working with ceramic and leather are the perfect fit - I can morph things into shape with clay, and sew flat sheets of leather into something wearable! What I create is inspired by the potential of the material I am working with.

Juliana masterfully designs beautifully playful and completely wearable jewelry and accessories, as well as products for life and home.